How to Activate Amazon Prime on Roku?
As you know, Amazon Prime is a good way to spend time at home. On Amazon we can see web series, movies, and cartoons for children. Today we will show you through our article how to activate Amazon prime on roku. Prime Video of Amazon is one of the well-known intern on-demand services. Millions of people worldwide use it to stream television shows and movies. It is available for many devices including Roku and can be used as an alternative to expensive cable TV subscriptions. It is the largest collection of video content with an ever-updated database. You will definitely experience the best entertainment with Amazon Prime Video on Roku. It has a wide assortment of shows and films listed in various languages. The article specifically for how to activate Amazon Prime on Roku and its installation process with features if you want to know how to activate Amazon on roku please read this article carefully.

Steps to activate Amazon Prime Video on Roku?

Before activating Amazon prime video on the Roku device you need to create an account on and purchase the subscription of Amazon Prime Video. If you are new to this platform then Amazon will provide you a free trial with 30 days. Once you are done with subscription follow the below-stated step for activation:

1. Switch on your Roku and go to the “Roku channel store”.
2. On the Roku channel store look for “Amazon Prime Video” and add it as a channel.
3. Launch Amazon prime video and sign in to your account.
4. Here you will get a device verification code. You need this code to verify the device on
5. Now with the help of a computer or mobile go to registration roku.
6. Here you need to login to your Amazon account for device verification.
7. After sign in you will be redirected to a new screen where you have to enter the device verification code.
8. Enter the code and click on the “Verify my device” option.
9. Once you clicked on verify my device the Amazon prime video will automatically update on your Roku device. You can

Now watch unlimited movies and shows with your family and friends. If you still find problems while performing this process then calls us immediately for professional assistance.

How to Activate Amazon Prime on Roku?

• If you want to know how activate Amazon on Roku, then attention to the information given below.
• Open and launch Amazon Prime channel on Roku TV.
• Select Sign in option and enter your Prime Video login details.
• Make a note of the activation code shown on the Roku TV.
• Open the browser on PC, and visit
• Provide Amazon Prime Video account details like email and password.
• Enter the activation code. Now Prime Video screen on Roku TV will refresh automatically and you can start streaming it.

6. - Start watching Amazon prime videos not only on mobile and tablets but on TV screens also. With an eligible Amazon Prime membership, you have access to thousands of Prime Video titles at no additional cost. To activate Amazon prime video, download it from your app store or play store Amazon Prime App after sign in you will receive an Amazon mytv code, visit and enter Amazon activation code on your Smartphone or laptop.

Watch prime video on or

To stream Prime Video on the devices you have such as Smart TV, Computer, Laptop, etc., you need to go to the official website of Amazon my TV that is and enter six digits Amazon my TV activation code. – Enter Activation Code is the official web link to activate Amazon prime video subscription safely. Various media players are being launched nowadays. Media players support the best quality of videos. But still, they fail to provide it. So for the best video quality support, Activate Amazon my TV is being launched. Prime video is a popular platform.

It gives you high-quality videos that many other media players fail to provide. is a platform that shows the original quality of the video. You can also watch Amazon prime videos on your streaming device. You can also enjoy various Amazon channels on your smart TV.

How to Activate Amazon Prime Video?

Watch Amazon prime video on any device by register the device on the Amazon Prime video using You can activate Amazon prime video on Apple TV, Roku Devices, Smart TV, Android TV, Many Gaming Consoles etc. Follow the steps to activate prime video and contact to Amazon support for any help.

How to register a device on Amazon from

1. Open the app store of your Smart TV/ Apple TV or other and search for “Prime Video” app.
2. Once found, download and install the app on your TV.
3. Open the “Amazon Prime Video App” on your TV.
4. Now click on the Register option that appears on the screen of your TV.
5. Now you will see a 6-digit Amazon activation code on your TV display.
6. Go to using any web browser and enter a code portal.
7. Sign in to your Amazon account and enter the “Amazon mytv activation code”.
8. Click on “Register a Device”.

Which devices are supported by Amazon prime videos?

The following are brilliant TVs that Prime Video application is empowered to chip away at. This implies you would now be able to investigate your Prime Video membership on different TVs using prime mytv code.

1. Apple TV
2. Roku Devices
3. Google Chrome cast
4. BT TV set-top box
5. Virgin Media TiVo
6. Many Gaming Consoles
7. Smart TVs
8. Android TV

Activate using Amazon prime activation code

1. Take your PC or Smartphone open the link sign-up on it.
2. Then you will see a page or create an account.
3. Click on create a prime account button.
4. Then you will be asked for signup credentials.
5. You have to fill in all the credentials like your name, email address, password, etc.
6. Now your account has been created is created.
7. After that, you will see a page that asks for Amazon six digit activation codes.
8. We have noted down the six-digit activation code. That code should be entered here.
9. After entering the Amazon activation code, go to the TV screen, you will see that your subscription is activated successfully.
10. Then click on the continue button to enjoy Amazon prime videos - To watch prime video on amazon my TV, user need to enter 6 digit registration code on online web portal that is Create amazon prime video account from the official website from TV and start watching your favorite web series or movies.
Where to enter my amazon TV code?
The Amazon mytv code can be typed in the online activation portal of Amazon prime just visit to the amazon website - enter code roku tv and enter amazon registration code in the box and click on register the device.
Steps to create amazon mytv account
9. Find an internet-enabled device and access on any reliable browser on the device.
10. Find the ‘New to Amazon’ tab.
11. Under it, click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.
12. You will be required to provide some personal information – your name, email, and a unique password.
13. Type in the information at the appropriate tabs and click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.’
14. You will be asked to check the email you have provided for a verification link. Alternatively, you may be sent an Amazon Prime One Time Password (OTP).
15. In the case of the OTP, punch in the password and click on CONTINUE.
16. If you plan to become a paid Amazon Prime Member, go ahead to add your credit card as the preferred payment method
How to Watch Amazon Prime on Samsung TV?
If you own a TV and are facing the problem of Amazon Prime Video is not working on Samsung TV, then we recommend you to read the article till the very end. We have listed more than one method, so that if one doesn’t work out for you, then you can go for the next ones. Hopefully, by the end of this article, the prime video not working on Samsung TV issue would have solved up.
How to fix Amazon Prime Video application
There are several options to fix and resume Amazon Prime Video. Depending on the reason why Amazon Prime Video application has crashed, there may be several options to solve the problem.
4. The first thing to try is to clear the TV cache. For convenience on Samsung TVs, this procedure is very simple. Turn the TV off, turn on and hold the power button for about 20 seconds and the TV cache will be cleared. The second way is to go to the TV menu and clear your watch history or reset your Smart.
5. This can only help for a while if you have problems with the application again. This means that you have very little memory left on your TV. To keep Amazon Prime Video running smoothly, remove applications that you are not using.
6. If you can’t solve the problem by completing the first two items, the problem is most likely with the application itself. Do the following – log in to your Smart TV and reinstall the Amazon Prime Video application on your TV, the application may have failed. You may then need to log in to your Amazon account again.
Freeing up memory and clearing the cache allows Amazon Prime Video to work stably.

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